Introducing the Community Kickstart 2023 Grant Winner

Introducing the Winmalee Village Community Kickstart Grant Winner for 2023!
Congratulations to Inspiring Hope for being selected as the recipient for the 2023 ISPT & Winmalee Village Community Kickstart Grant.

Inspiring Hope is an association that has been established as a charitable institution. They operate in Australia primarily and also overseas to run programs and raise funds for the support of at risk, disadvantaged and marginalised people groups. They run programs, camps, and activity based initiatives for disadvantaged and at risk children – principally in the ‘out-of-homecare’ system, providing a safe, caring environment for them where they can have their spiritual and emotional needs nurtured. It also helps them learn life skills and positive coping strategies to assist them to overcome the causes and factors that contribute to their vulnerability.

They will receive a $10,000 grant to continue their important work within the community – particularly with improving young people’s access to inclusive community activities that address their current needs as well as gaining relevant training and coaching to support their participation and personal needs.

To find out more about Inspiring Hope and their incredible work, click here.