Pulpmaster at Winmalee Village

Pulpmaster launches into the Winmalee Village Shopping Centre!

Find out more details on the Pulpmaster and its features here.

Winmalee Village has recently launched the Pulpmaster thanks to JJ’s Waste & Recycling. The Pulpmaster system is an innovative solution that easily converts food waste into a pulp ready for composting to use as an organic fertiliser.

JJ’s Waste is a proudly Australian owned and operated family business that has helped the Winmalee Village Shopping Centre to become more environmentally waste conscious and eco-friendly. The Pulpmaster gives us the opportunity to be a part of an environmental initiative that has numerous benefits.

The Pulpmaster Benefits:
  1. Reducing organic food waste down by approximately 50% into a pumpable liquid and therefore reducing the number of bin services required.
  2. The waste is used in composting and soil additives making it 100% sustainably recycled and removed from the traditional landfill.
  3. The waste can be collected at the source of generation saving time for staff and double handing of waste.
  4. The use of the machine can also assist with OH&S issues relating to heavy lifting of the waste into the general waste bins.
  5. With the introduction of the waste levy (Landfill), the pulp waste is classed as recycled and will not incur the waste levy.