Winmalee Village Redevelopment

We’re in the progress of making some changes for our local community, including:

  • A new child care centre – Little Zak’s Academy
  • Relocation of car parking towards the main centre
  • Demolition of the Target Country building
  • An extension of the centre.

Next Stages of our Development Works:

Our new car park is now open and we are embarking on the next stages of the development at Winmalee Village.

The development represents a significant capital investment by ISPT into Winmalee Village, providing a welcoming destination for the Winmalee community’s daily needs –  shopping, catching up for coffee, picking up dinner, health, and childcare services.

The development will provide job creation during and after the works, and we encourage new businesses to speak to our leasing team.

The demolition of the Target Country building has been completed and we have relocated the car parking towards the main centre. The Little Zak’s Academy stage has also successfully been completed.

The next stage includes:

  • An extension of the centre towards the current rear carpark to accommodate additional commercial or medical tenancies

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will car park spaces be affected?

A: The new car park area has created convenient access to the centre for our customers . This means there is more available car parking closer to the centre entries. Additional spaces have been created in the undercroft staff parking area. Overall, only two parking bays will be lost upon completion of the works. All car parking will remain free.

Q: Who will be the new Childcare Provider?

A: Our market research indicated significant demand for quality childcare services in the Lower Blue Mountains. We have partnered with Little Zak’s Academy who have committed to a long-term lease of the new childcare centre, which is fantastic news for families in this growing community. Pre-enrolment expressions of interest can be found here.

Q: What conditions did council impose on the approved DA?

A: All development works comply with the Council conditions and directions, including:

  • Following site management and safety protocols
  • Landscape management and inclusion of additional trees to the site
  • Acoustic treatment and reporting,
  • Appropriate lighting to common areas
  • Fire safety upgrades

Q: Why are you proposing the works?

A: With Target having left in March 2021, an opportunity arose to continue to revitalise Winmalee Village. Our research has indicated demand for quality child care in the catchment and additional health and wellness uses.

Q: When will the works occur?

A: The works are subject to pre committed tenants in the new building extension. Demolition and construction of the new extension have already been completed in March 2022. We will provide more information on expected development completion dates and timing when this is available.

Q: What are you doing with the TOMRA return & earn machine?

A: The TOMRA machine has been relocated to a new position in our car park adjacent to Shelton Avenue and continues to operate as normal.

Q: How many tenants will be in the new extension?

A: The new extension to the south could accommodate 1-single user, such as a medical centre, or a number of medical and office users. The final configuration and uses will depend on tenant demand.

Q: Will the centre remain open during the redevelopment?

A: Yes, the centre, including Coles, will remain trading throughout construction. It is important the works are conducted safely, hence parts of the carpark will be closed temporarily during demolition and construction works.

We look forward to updating you as plans progress. View an overview of the centre plan here 


We value your feedback, if you would like to submit feedback, please email

Please note: Artists impressions are indicative only. Proposed timeline is subject to change.